Client feedback

As a pensions novice, I felt that the trustee training course gave me a good grounding.
Will Court
Very responsive to any queries we have and proactive in managing our scheme to the best. Very happy with the support we are getting.
Caroline Rand ,
Historic Royal Palaces
The service runs very smoothly, might have expected a few more difficulties transitioning to a professional trustee.
The trustee training course lecturers' explanations and willingness to answer questions were most valuable - even silly ones - although I have learnt there are no 'silly questions' that trustees should ask.
I learnt more than I expected to at the trustee training course. A good introduction to the trustee role.
Rob Hartley,
Many organisations and people provide the services that clients need. In my opinion, the differentiator is in the way those services are provided and to that extent, Kathy embodies the qualities that I have come to value from PSITL. Kathy is organised but not fussy; diligent but not dogmatic; persistent without being pushy and compliant in a pragmatic way. Whilst she takes ownership and drives issues forward, Kathy is a team player who uses her and her colleagues experience to provide services to her trustee client whilst working closely with those like me representing the sponsoring employer. She works collaboratively with advisers but constructively challenges the scope of services, fees and service standards whenever necessary and makes sure that member needs are always taken into account. I enjoy working with her and trust that she will deliver what is required by the trustee and the members they represent in a manner satisfactory to the sponsoring employer.
Stuart Barker,
Internal Pensions Consultant, RSPCA

5k SuperNova charity run for Different Strokes


PSGS news

Date published:

Wednesday, 23 November 2022

On a cold and fresh Saturday evening, Kate Barette, Kevin Kenneally, Chloe Key, Julie Karavis and Simon Brandt ran the 5k SuperNova run at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London to raise money for Different Strokes.

Following a zumba style warm up, with a backdrop of the ArcelorMittal Orbit and the West Ham stadium, they ran a wiggly path through the park with several hundred other glow in the dark runners.

Mid-way through they got a ’Come on team Different Strokes’ shout out motivating them to get through the rest of the run. They all crossed the finish line smiling and pleased with their run times. More importantly, they raised £700 (and still counting) for Different Strokes.

This was out of their comfort zones and at times they wondered why they had given up their precious Saturday night when they could have been at home watching Strictly, or anywhere warm. On reflection, whilst enjoying their post run drink, they all agreed they were glad they made the effort and put on their fluorescent legwarmers. They said it was a really enjoyable evening, not only were they able to raise money for Different Strokes but it was a great way to spend time with colleagues away from the world of pensions too.

Kate’s not sure if she is ready for a 10k run just yet but Chloe and Simon have signed up to do a 50km Ultra Challenge next year so watch this space!



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