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Extremely personable and professional.
Kelly White ,
Very broad, comprehensive trustee training course covering a wide range of topics. Excellent!
Tom Graham,
Star Group Pension Scheme
As a pensions novice, I felt that the trustee training course gave me a good grounding.
Will Court
We have a good partnership the team really understand what we need and our knowledge eg budgets - "we don't have a referee" - very helpful. Challenge advisers but with a practical objective. Thanks to PSGS, GMP equalisation has been just a process.
Stephen Allaker ,
Bristol Myers-Squibb
Alex has helped in our dealings with other advisers using his experience of other schemes.
Angela Clayton ,
Accent Group
I work with Wayne and Kirsty. They really understand our business - they work with the company while retaining independence and ensuring compliance. They are a joy and pleasure to work with.
Neil McCawley ,
Ferguson plc

PSGS boosts their investment, project management & ESG expertise


PSGS news

Date published:

Thursday, 20 October 2022

We’re very pleased to welcome four new members to the PSGS team who have boosted our investment, project management, ESG and technology expertise.

Our first introduction is Sasha Jain who joined us in August. Sasha has extensive experience of working with pension trustee boards and corporate stakeholders on a wide range of investment issues, including journey planning and investment strategy, risk management, buy ins and buy outs and governance. As well as taking on professional trustee appointments, Sasha will be supporting PSGS colleagues on investment issues and leading fiduciary manager selection exercises.

David Griffiths, an experienced programme manager and pension trustee, joined us in September. David has an extensive background in finance and leading business change management programmes. He joined from GSK where he was a pensions project consultant. Before this, he spent 15 years at EDG Energy as a financial controller as well as in principal business partner and programme manager roles in pension change, finance, IT and shared services.

At the end of September, we welcomed Sophia Harrison back to the Punter Southall group of companies. Sophia is an experienced investment consultant with a broad range of experience with a strong focus on ESG investing. She joined from Insight Asset Management where she was responsible for relationships with large institutional investors. She also worked at Barnett Waddingham and Cardano in roles including senior investment consultant within fiduciary and advisory governance models, liability driven investment (LDI) portfolio manager and LDI manager researcher. Like Sasha and David, Sophia will be taking on professional trustee appointments.

We also welcomed Mindaugas Pranaitis to our technology and marketing team. Mindaugas is responsible for supporting our technical manager and the PSGS team by becoming a super-user of the technology we use. He’ll play a key role in getting new technology developed and rolled out, creating websites for our pension scheme clients and video content for our own website and social media pages.

They’re all great additions to our team who you’ll be hearing more from soon. We’re certainly enjoying working with them!



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