Client feedback

​We are extremely pleased with the appointment we made. The way Ian reacts to us and works with us is brilliant. We are very happy.
Katherine Cross,
​Mike is a great secretary. He does a really good job for us.
Clare Cairns,
Campden BRI Group
They deliver above expectation when the scheme has a particular challenge.
Ian Edwards,
I found the trustee training really beneficial, highly recommended. I am not a trustee, I represent the employer and I think it will be valuable for me in future, having a better understanding of the trustees' perspective.
Dave Strain,
Royal Yachting Association
​Ian has added more value than we thought he would at the start… which shows it pays to go with someone who is doing the job of a professional trustee as their bread and butter.
Katherine Cross,
PSGS were overall more professional than others.
Paul Staniland,

GMPs: to reconcile or not to reconcile? That is the question.


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Date published:

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Should pension trustees be asking their scheme administrator to undertake a reconciliation of GMPs now?

With the end of contracting out looming large for defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, and HMRC changes that will make it more difficult to query contracted out liabilities after April 2018, this is an issue facing many DB schemes.

This PSIT briefing note looks at the approaches being taken to GMP reconciliation and considers why it is necessary at all.


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