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Expertise - independent - takes the strain off.
Kelly White,
Excellent support leading fiduciary management tender and availability during difficult pandemic period. Pragmatic, helpful approach and lovely to deal with.
Mark Berry ,
Fiona brings perspective from other schemes and therefore a wider knowledge.
Extremely personable and professional.
Kelly White ,
We have realised the benefit of having and independent trustee. Claire sees what general practice is like, so is able to guide us.
Anthony Bowen,
Colart Fine Art & Graphics
PSGS were overall more professional than others.
Paul Staniland,

Want to know how to implement D&I in your pension scheme?


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Date published:

Monday, 19 April 2021

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is important but it can be hard to know what it actually means and how to put it into practice for your pension scheme, trustee board and pension members.

Our guide to D&I for pension trustees and pension managers covers:

  • the D&I questions you need to ask about your pension scheme
  • the risks, opportunities and actions you need to consider
  • the support you can get for your D&I journey

Read more on D&I here and see if PSGS can help.


Download your D&I guide here


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