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Image of Fiona Smith, Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Fiona Smith

Scheme Manager

I was interested in joining PSGS as they are well respected within the pensions industry for providing a professional and personal service to clients. The PSGS team have welcomed me with open arms and I’m looking forward to sharing new ideas with colleagues and supporting trustees.

Image of James Duggan, Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

James Duggan

Scheme Manager

I am a Scheme Manager within PSGS and co-ordinate all day-to-day activities for a range of scheme secretarial and independent trustee appointments. No two days are the same with many different tasks and challenges arising on a daily basis, but there is a fantastic team around me to discuss any issues and to provide support where required. My experiences at university have allowed me to flourish in my current role and I really enjoy the challenges it throws at me.

Image of Jasmin Clark, Marketing Assistant at Punter Southall Governance Services

Jasmin Clark

Marketing Assistant

I really enjoy what I do at PSGS. My interest and knowledge in marketing and graphic design is consistently developing and I am thankful for being able to attend training sessions to gain recognised qualifications in this field.

Image of Curtis Mitchell, Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Curtis Mitchell

Scheme Manager

Since starting at PSGS as an Assistant Scheme Manager I was immediately involved in large scale and interesting opportunities, as well in the smaller projects. It is the smaller ones that often throw up the most peculiar problems. Solving these problems helped me grow within the business and even share the knowledge I gained from these on the larger cases. I am now a Scheme Manager and have a comfortable portfolio of clients across a range of services. I have been here for nearly seven years now and no day is the same. Office locations are great and so are my colleagues!

Image of Sophie Moyo, Trainee Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Sophie Moyo

Trainee Scheme Manager

The graduate scheme has been a fantastic experience so far. The team have been very helpful, resourceful and I know I can always ask for help and someone will do their best to not only support me but also teach me about the topic. Every day brings new challenges and I am enjoying seeing how all the different elements function within a pension scheme.

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