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We're a Great Place to Work! Our team really like working here.

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Image of Sasha Jain, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Sasha Jain

Client Director

PSGS has a strong reputation for offering clients a high-quality service, innovative thinking and true professional trustee and pension secretary expertise. I’m really pleased to join the team and start a new stage in my career supporting clients as a professional trustee.

About Sasha Jain
Image of Simon Lewis, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Simon Lewis

Client Director

I am excited to be joining PSGS at a time of growth and increasing opportunities. I am looking forward to use my knowledge, ideas and experience to help trustees and companies meet their challenges in the coming years and to contribute to PSGS’s success as one of the UK’s biggest trusteeship and outsourcing specialists.

About Simon Lewis
Image of Clare Owen, Director of Outsourced Pension Services at Punter Southall Governance Services

Clare Owen

Director of Outsourced Pension Services

There were two very good reasons why I joined PSGS. Wayne Phelan’s commitment to the business and investing in it was the first. The second was the opportunity to work alongside a team of experienced independent trustees, which was something new for me and a really interesting backdrop for developing outsourced services.

About Clare Owen
Image of Claire Barnes, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Claire Barnes

Client Director

I am very excited to join Punter Southall Governance Services – the team stand out for their impressive range of skills and experiences, tailoring solutions to meet their client’s needs. They are also all governance practitioners. Most importantly there is a great workplace culture, as I’m a true believer that happy team equals happy clients! In the past, I’ve supported large and small schemes with many complex challenges. I look forward to using my expertise to help our clients and further expand the PSGS business.

About Claire Barnes
Image of Emma Anderson, Trainee Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Emma Anderson

Trainee Scheme Manager

My favourite things about my role are the opportunities and responsibilities whilst having the full support of my colleagues, which allows me to develop further. I am so grateful they have always been happy to spend time with me to help me understand. Even though I have not come from a pensions background, I am able to apply my knowledge and experience in projects to my role at PSGS.

About Emma Anderson
Image of Simi Uppal, Governance Support Assistant at Punter Southall Governance Services

Simi Uppal

Governance Support Assistant

I joined the PSGS graduate trainee scheme as an opportunity to work towards a progressive career in a structured learning environment. It's been a great experience so far. The team have been very supportive and friendly whilst teaching and guiding me through. Each day brings something new and being involved from the start has made me feel more confident and trusted.

About Simi Uppal
Image of Sophia Harrison, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Sophia Harrison

Client Director

I really enjoyed the working culture at Punter Southall and I’m excited to be back, this time in a trustee position, and to use my ESG experience to influence positive change. In previous roles I had a strong focus on responsible investment and ESG analysis, and I’m looking forward to using those skills to lead the ESG conversations that trustees, sponsors and advisers need to have.

About Sophia Harrison
Image of James Duggan, Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

James Duggan

Scheme Manager

I am a Scheme Manager within PSGS and co-ordinate all day-to-day activities for a range of scheme secretarial and independent trustee appointments. No two days are the same with many different tasks and challenges arising on a daily basis, but there is a fantastic team around me to discuss any issues and to provide support where required. My experiences at university have allowed me to flourish in my current role and I really enjoy the challenges it throws at me.

About James Duggan
Image of Curtis Mitchell, Scheme Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Curtis Mitchell

Scheme Manager

Since starting at PSGS as an Assistant Scheme Manager I was immediately involved in large scale and interesting opportunities, as well as smaller projects. Solving problems helped me grow within the business and share the knowledge I've gained from a variety of cases. I am now a Scheme Manager and have a comfortable portfolio of clients across a range of services. I have been here for nearly 7 years now and no day is the same. Office locations are great and so are my colleagues!

About Curtis Mitchell
Image of David Griffiths, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

David Griffiths

Client Director

I worked at EDF Energy for many years and am looking forward to now working on a broad portfolio of clients at PSGS. There are major regulatory changes ahead in the world of pensions and governance and I can use my experience and skills to help pension scheme trustees and sponsor companies through these challenges. PSGS is a growing business with a reputation for providing high-quality services and true professional trustee and pension secretary expertise. I’m really pleased to join the team and start a new stage in my career.

About David Griffiths
Image of Jasmin Clark, Marketing & Communications Manager at Punter Southall Governance Services

Jasmin Clark

Marketing & Communications Manager

I really enjoy what I do at PSGS and the experience that I am gaining. It is great how much I have grown over the years I have been here, from an assistant to a manager. I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to learn new skills, progress and work alongside people that make coming to work easy and fun.

About Jasmin Clark
Image of Simon Riviere, Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Simon Riviere

Client Director

I believe pension schemes should benefit from the very highest quality service and advice, and I joined PSGS because they are known for delivering this to clients. The PSGS team are great and I enjoy developing new ways of helping clients meet their objectives effectively and ensuring scheme members understand the value of their benefits.

About Simon Riviere
Image of Kevin Kenneally , Client Director at Punter Southall Governance Services

Kevin Kenneally

Client Director

At PSGS, the diversity stands out. We have a team from a myriad of backgrounds with a wealth of experience we can all tap into. I chair the trustee boards of pension schemes from varied industries which brings a need to approach challenges in different ways and find innovative solutions. One size does not fit all, but one common thread at PSGS is that relationships are key and we pride ourselves on having a friendly working environment, and I think that shows for the clients we work with. I’ve been here for over 18 years and there is yet to be a ‘standard’ day.

About Kevin Kenneally

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