Client feedback

Expertise - independent - takes the strain off.
Kelly White,
Excellent communication - the trustee training course facilitators were clearly knowledgeable and very experienced in their field and able to convey concept and information in a way I was able to understand.
Phillipa McFadyen,
Proactive in driving the agenda and leading the scheme on its logical journey.
Caroline Rand,
Historic Royal Palaces
PSGS was chosen because of their knowledge of the subject and awareness of our particular schemes.
George Batho ,
Trustee, Lansing Linde
As a pensions novice, I felt that the trustee training course gave me a good grounding.
Will Court
Kathy, may l take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance. There were many times l thought l was losing my mind during my efforts with Aviva. You were a pillar of support for me and you saw my case through to the very end. I cannot thank you enough but thank you again. It is through people like you who strive for professional fairness as well as thoroughness, HCA has such a good reputation.
Ethel Chimutwe,
HCA International Ltd Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme
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Pension communications

Whether you have a defined benefit (DB) or defined contribution (DC) scheme, making your pension communications effective can be hard to achieve.

Good pension communications are vital for employees and scheme members to understand - and properly value - the pension benefits being provided to them.

  • Defined benefit (DB) pension scheme members need to understand not only the pension benefit they can expect to receive at retirement, but also how secure their benefits are. Explaining actuarial valuations and scheme funding in a clear, straightforward way is not easy.
  • Defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members need to understand the decisions they need to take around contribution levels and investment choices and how these could impact the benefit they eventually receive from the plan.

From clearly explaining pension flexibilities available to members to the careful steps needed for many pension schemes to ‘go digital’, there are many major communication challenges facing pension trustees and employers. The move to sole trusteeship may require a re-think of member engagement – we support clients with a range of options to make sure the way we deliver sole trustee appointments really works for members.

Getting pension communications right requires true expertise. Our team includes a communication specialist whose valuable expertise enables employers and pension trustees to enhance their communications to make them easier and more attractive to read (while still being factually correct), typically at a much lower cost than other third party consultants.

Example pension scheme website

Our pension communication services include drafting and graphic design for a range of hard copy, soft copy and online communications, including:

  • pension newsletters, announcements and updates for members
  • pension scheme websites
  • member-nominated trustee election communications
  • going digital campaigns to move to online member communications
  • pension scheme booklets & new joiner information
  • pre-retirement communications to help members understand options, plan for their retirement and recognise any risks they are taking
  • targeted campaigns - for example, to aid understanding of investment choices or encourage employees to review their pension and when to consider changing their pension contributions

Example pension scheme newsletters

To find out how we could help you improve your pension communications, please contact us or download our service flyer.

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