Client feedback

PSGS offered the right support at very short notice, at reasonable cost, when we really needed it.
Ian Edwards,
Chair of Trustee, Comet Pension Scheme
In my experience, not all professional trustees are able to cope with tricky or potentially confrontational situations. I find PSGS has massive experience in getting involved, earning the respect of others and resolving such issues. They get stuck in – they are a first rate team.
Katherine Dandy,
Partner at Sackers & Partners
Edwin’s working to ensure the other trustees get involved. Last year he took more of a leading role, which I was very grateful for. He is well organised and proactive. Feedback from external advisers has been good.
Jeremy Barnard ,
Kat & Jason are very good at making it happen – they just take care of it.
Stephen Allaker ,
Bristol Myers-Squibb
​They are very proactive and full of new ideas, they've brought better scheduling and better minute sets.
Paul Rudd,
Express Newspapers
Claire offers a very approachable, professional and balanced service, recognising her obligations to the Scheme but providing an awareness of the Employer's perspective. We value Claire's wider industry knowledge and the experience she brings.

Pension communications

Whether you have a defined benefit (DB) or defined contribution (DC) scheme, making your pension communications effective can be hard to achieve.

Good pension communications are vital for employees and scheme members to understand - and properly value - the pension benefits being provided to them.

  • Defined benefit (DB) pension scheme members need to understand not only the pension benefit they can expect to receive at retirement, but also how secure their benefits are. Explaining actuarial valuations and scheme funding in a clear, straightforward way is not easy.
  • Defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members need to understand the decisions they need to take around contribution levels and investment choices and how these could impact the benefit they eventually receive from the plan.

From clearly explain pension flexibilities available to members to the careful steps needed for many pension schemes to ‘go digital’, there are many major communication challenges facing pension trustees and employers. The move to sole trusteeship may require a re-think of member engagement – we support clients with a range of options to make sure the way we deliver sole trustee appointments really works for members.

Getting pension communications right requires true expertise. Our team of communication specialists use valuable expertise to enable employers and pension trustees to enhance their communications, making them easier and more attractive to read, typically at a much lower cost than other third party consultants.

Our pension communication services include drafting and graphic design for a range of hard copy, soft copy and online communications, including:

  • pension newsletters, announcements and updates for members
  • pension scheme websites
  • member-nominated trustee election communications
  • going digital campaigns to move to online member communications
  • pension scheme booklets & new joiner information
  • pre-retirement communications to help members understand options, plan for their retirement and recognise any risks they are taking
  • targeted campaigns - for example, to aid understanding of investment choices or encourage employees to review their pension and when to consider changing their pension contributions

To find out how we could help you improve your pension communications, please contact us.

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