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Good, helpful guidance.
Christine Morris,
Twyford Bathrooms
We now have a very collaborative approach between trustees and employer.
Peter Millard,
Company Secretary, TRL Limited
A major problem with the pension fund needed skilled, constructive help - which was given!
Expertise - independent - takes the strain off.
Kelly White,
Very happy with PSGS as an organisation and that opinion is derived from the performance of those that represent them.
Sean Hoyle,
Ann is very proactive and ensures we address all issues well ahead of time and extremely efficiently.
Ian Edwards,

How to do the new value for members assessment


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Date published:

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Watch our webinar with CMS and Punter Southall Aspire to guide you through the key components of the value for members assessment and what to expect as the new requirement develops.

Topics covered:

  • DC provision - timeline up to October 2021.
  • What is the new VFM requirement and how does it apply?
  • What should trustees be doing on VFM and Master Trust transfer, and how can you achieve this?

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