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Back in the day there was a large trustee board, with several independents (from the financial world) and the ex-Chairman of the company was offered the role as Chair of Trustees as a sweetener when he stepped down. Unionised company then divided - broad range of active members. They needed some expertise, consistency and leadership during this time. Wanted a serious/professional to lead and guide the trustees.
Dave Benstead ,
Diodes Zetex
I work with Wayne and Kirsty. They really understand our business - they work with the company while retaining independence and ensuring compliance. They are a joy and pleasure to work with.
Neil McCawley ,
Ferguson plc
Very responsive to any queries we have and proactive in managing our scheme to the best. Very happy with the support we are getting.
Caroline Rand ,
Historic Royal Palaces
​I would recommend them to anyone - I have dealt with a number of other independent trustee firms and would rate PSGS as the best. We are very happy with Mark and the service we get.
Julia Morton,
Camellia plc
Alex has helped in our dealings with other advisers using his experience of other schemes.
Angela Clayton ,
Accent Group
Highly informative. Having leading professionals deliver the TKU course really adds value.
Jonathan Williams ,
Bangor University

Consideration of social risks & opportunities call for evidence response


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Date published:

Thursday, 17 June 2021

When responding to The Pensions Regulator’s single code of governance consultation, we noted the clear (and positive) intent to crystalise ESG and climate change considerations on trustees. However, on the face of it, the new requirements seem to weight things in the direction of the E. We think this could be rebalanced easily to make it clearer to pension trustees that E, S and G are all interrelated and carry equal importance.

PSGS' response to the DWP's ‘Consideration of social risks & opportunities call for evidence’ looks at the S in more detail, including:

  1. Trustees’ legal duties
  2. Social factors and financial materiality
  3. How trustees can take social factors into account
  4. Social factors as opportunities

Read our response to the consultation below.


Download consultation response


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