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They have helped us save much more and created a cohesive plan to de-risk whilst building an integrated pension team.
Sally-Anne Borrill,
Ann and her team are very knowledgeable and proactive, liaise well with our other advisers and provide the Trustees with an invaluable secretarial service.
Ian Edwards,
Chair of Trustees, Comet
I learnt more than I expected to at the trustee training course. A good introduction to the trustee role.
Rob Hartley,
In my experience, not all professional trustees are able to cope with tricky or potentially confrontational situations. I find PSGS has massive experience in getting involved, earning the respect of others and resolving such issues. They get stuck in – they are a first rate team.
Katherine Dandy,
Partner at Sackers & Partners
Gillian and Curtis provide an excellent service to the trustees. They are approachable and possess a huge amount of knowledge. Everything appears to work smoothly which I am sure is due to the immense amount of work they do in the background to ensure all paperwork is available and up to date.
Ian Woods,
KGPT trustees
Gillian goes above and beyond, she is very responsive to the whole team and delivers outstanding work.
Wendy Stansfield,
Vector Aerospace

20 PSGS professional trustees accredited under the PMI’s Aptitude programme


PSGS news

Date published:

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

We are very pleased have our first 20 professional trustees accredited through the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) Aptitude programme. Our first accredited professional trustees are:

Gareth Tancred, CEO at the PMI commented: “On behalf of the PMI Board and Advisory Council I would like to offer our congratulations to the 20 trustees from PSGS who have been recently accredited. It is so important for trustees to be fully equipped with all the necessary skills and tools to do their jobs to the best of their ability as we all strive for ever-improving governance standards to drive better outcomes for scheme members.”

James Double, Director at PSGS said: “We’ve been calling for increased standards and greater professionalism in the independent trustee world for 10 years and are very pleased to reach the milestone of having 20 professional trustees accredited through the PMI’s Aptitude programme. Professional trustees have great responsibility to lead by example, delivering higher standards of governance and greater strategic outlook.”

Aptitude was formed in 2019 following Professional Trustee Standards Working Group (PTSWG) work to raise the standard of trusteeship, provide assurance about the quality of professional trustees and discourage poor market practice.



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