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In any major corporate transaction, time is of the essence. PSGS's pragmatic commercial approach helped us manage the pensions aspects of our group re-structure to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.
David Wilman,
CFO at Survitec Group
Kevin takes control of the meetings whilst fully involving the other two trustees. His experience shines through and he is also a very good listener, making all parties feel involved.
Sharron King ,
KBC Bank
I work with Wayne and Kirsty. They really understand our business - they work with the company while retaining independence and ensuring compliance. They are a joy and pleasure to work with.
Neil McCawley ,
Ferguson plc
Gillian goes above and beyond, she is very responsive to the whole team and delivers outstanding work.
Wendy Stansfield,
Vector Aerospace
​Their pragmatic approach helps with quick and easy decision making. Another approach might have made things more difficult.
Mark Assinder,
The team provide an excellent service with practical and commercial input that we have not found with anyone else.
Mark Culwick,
Binding Site

PPF levy invoices - where are they being sent this year?

Confused about where your Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy invoice for 2020 is being sent? The mystery is solved!

I called the PPF to query where they are sending the levy invoices as it wasn’t clear at all for the ones we have received so far. They confirmed invoices this year are being sent to the email addresses on Exchange, in the following order:

1. Levy contact

2. If there is no levy contact, then it will be sent to the scheme contact

3. If there isn’t a scheme contact, then it will go to all the trustees listed on Exchange

Are your contacts up to date?

When was the last time Exchange was updated for your pension scheme? Have there been any changes since the last scheme return was submitted? As this is the first year PPF levy invoices have been emailed in this way, you might want to inform the levy contact or scheme contact (if this is not one of us at PSGS) as they may not be expecting an email from the PPF.

We are so careful these days about not clicking on links in emails, your contact might not realise the importance of the initial email from the PPF. Their website explains the 2020 electronic invoicing here and says it will come from ‘’ but the one I received was slightly different - from ‘’.

Going paperless

PPF levy invoices are also being posted as normal to the pension scheme name and address listed under the scheme details on Exchange. It may well be sent twice, once by email and once by post, but hopefully it won’t get paid twice!

The exception is if you have already signed up for paperless invoicing, where you won’t be sent a paper copy. If you signed up for this but the PPF had already started preparing the invoice, it will be emailed in the order shown above and they may still issue the paper copy.

In previous years they sent paper invoices along with the rather bulky booklet explaining the calculation of the levy, which seemed unnecessary as this information is on their website. So, if we all move to paperless invoicing a lot of time, money and trees will be saved!

If you haven’t yet signed up for paperless invoicing it might be too late for 2020, but you can sign up here so future PPF levy invoices are only emailed.



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