Client feedback

I found the trustee training really beneficial, highly recommended. I am not a trustee, I represent the employer and I think it will be valuable for me in future, having a better understanding of the trustees' perspective.
Dave Strain,
Royal Yachting Association
​We are extremely pleased with the appointment we made. The way Ian reacts to us and works with us is brilliant. We are very happy.
Katherine Cross,
​They are very proactive and full of new ideas, they've brought better scheduling and better minute sets.
Paul Rudd,
Express Newspapers
I wanted to look at the effectiveness of our trustee board, so Gillian, our PSGS scheme secretary, provided their trustee self-assessment tool to help me gather thoughts and opinions from others on the board. The tool was extremely easy to use and asked all the right questions to help me collect the information I needed as Trustee Chair. It is a great example of the way PSGS shares knowledge with their clients and makes dealing with key governance issues easy. As well as enabling me to meet one of the Regulator’s 21st century trusteeship requirements, using the tool has flagged trustee training needs and ways we could improve trustee meetings further.
Claire Silvester,
Vector Aerospace
When requesting information by email, I have noticed that there is 'out of hours activity' to answer me. I regard this as a stand out 'above and beyond' - impressed.
Gillian and Curtis provide an excellent service to the trustees. They are approachable and possess a huge amount of knowledge. Everything appears to work smoothly which I am sure is due to the immense amount of work they do in the background to ensure all paperwork is available and up to date.
Ian Woods,
KGPT trustees
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Pension governance consulting

A good pension scheme needs good governance. It requires strong strategic planning, operational effectiveness and a firm grip on compliance.

PSGS governance consulting services helps pension trustee boards, pensions managers and in-house pensions teams with a range of strategic and operational support, including:

Case study: Trustee policy review

A raft of policies had been adopted by this client when the corporate pension Trustee was set up in 2017, with others added in subsequent years. As a great deal has changed over that time, we reviewed the full suite of trustee policies.

The outcome

Whilst some of the pension trustee’s policies required few or no changes, others had clearly become out of date. Our proposed amendments were tabled in the papers for review at the next pension trustee meeting.

Trustee policies and plans that needed updating included:

  • Anti-money laundering – to reflect recent changes following an HMRC consultation.
  • Benefit information & discretionary benefits – this had not been maintained and, as much had been picked up under operational procedures, we felt it could be deleted.
  • Budget – to reflect a revised pension adviser fees process.
  • Member Nominated Directors – we suggested updating this in conjunction with a review of the Trustee structure, protocols and sub-committee terms of reference.
  • Business contingency plan & serious incident response plan – in the light of the pandemic experience and to reflect updated regulatory guidance.
  • IDRP – we recommended changing this from a two-stage to a one-stage process which should result in quicker resolution of complaints.
  • Cyber security – this new policy was needed given the heightened risks surrounding online security, particularly as the launch of a new member website increased this risk.

Case study: covenant self-assessment

Our client’s pension trustees decided not to obtain an independent covenant review, but needed help documenting their own assessment to formally record their considerations and evidence.

Read the full case study

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