Client feedback

​I enjoy working with PSGS and we have a very positive relationship. I was new to pensions and found them very helpful.
Bruce Allison,
Edwin’s working to ensure the other trustees get involved. Last year he took more of a leading role, which I was very grateful for. He is well organised and proactive. Feedback from external advisers has been good.
Jeremy Barnard ,
Alex is the first professional trustee we have had and has revolutionised the way they look at things - helped above and beyond.
Angela Clayton,
Accent Group
We have realised the benefit of having and independent trustee. Claire sees what general practice is like, so is able to guide us.
Anthony Bowen,
Colart Fine Art & Graphics
Kat & Jason are very good at making it happen – they just take care of it.
Stephen Allaker ,
Bristol Myers-Squibb
Gillian goes above and beyond, she is very responsive to the whole team and delivers outstanding work.
Wendy Stansfield,
Vector Aerospace
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Master trust selection & transition

Be confident you’re choosing the right DC master trust.

The defined contribution (DC) master trust market has grown rapidly and providers keep changing. With more consolidation amongst master trust providers likely, you need to be sure the one you select will both meet your needs and survive in the long term.

To move to the right DC mastertrust, you need to:

  • understand the different types of master trust available - super trust funds, master trusts from big name insurers and those managed by pension advisers offering ‘best of breed’ constituent services have different characteristics
  • compare the key features of each master trust – including investment options, administration capabilities, member communications, retirement options, pricing and employer support
  • understand master trust governance - including trustee board composition, employer engagement, the business plan and provider sustainability
  • closely manage the transition to your selected provider to avoid complications and delays
Why use PSGS?

Experience, knowledge and value for money.

We offer a unique, practical service that general pension consultants or selection ‘specialists’ cannot provide.

  • Our process is built on what’s important to both employers and pension trustees - experience shows moving to a master trust is a team project, with the employer making the decision to move and the trustees vital to a smooth transition.
  • We know what good master trust governance looks like through our inside knowledge as master trust trustees – being able to spot poor governance helps you avoid making a costly mistake.
  • We ensure your project is streamlined, smooth and efficient – we have a proven review, selection and implementation process used for over 100 clients.
  • You benefit from our practical understanding of good administration and effective member communications, valuable, hands-on insight into ‘value for member’ and vast experience of DC investment options from a fiduciary perspective.

Case study: Master trust selection & transition

This case study looks at how we defined a four stage master trust selection and transition process and our top tips to help combat the common issues and challenges that, as professional trustee, we have been faced with during master trust exercises.

Looking to choose or review a DC master trust provider? Whether you want to find out how we can help or are just looking for a few pointers, drop us a line or give us a call on 0118 207 2900.

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