Client feedback

Excellent support leading fiduciary management tender and availability during difficult pandemic period. Pragmatic, helpful approach and lovely to deal with.
Mark Berry ,
The trustee training course lecturers' explanations and willingness to answer questions were most valuable - even silly ones - although I have learnt there are no 'silly questions' that trustees should ask.
Excellent communication - the trustee training course facilitators were clearly knowledgeable and very experienced in their field and able to convey concept and information in a way I was able to understand.
Phillipa McFadyen,
Thanks for all your help!
Appointing Kevin as KBC professional trustee was one of the best decisions the bank took. He complements the other two trustees and also appreciates the position of the employer too. The experience a professional trustee adds is invaluable and they can share their knowledge and market practice within the KBC plan. Kevin manages the budget in consultation with the bank, fully debriefs all parties and maintains a constant dialogue with myself (as HR Manager) and trustees. Since we have worked together for a number of years, Kevin also appreciates some of the limitations we face ie budgets, and always comes up with a proactive approach and solution. His input is particularly valued by the bank trustee who is an actuary in our pensions department in Belgium Head Office.
Sharron King,
KBC Bank
The team provide an excellent service with practical and commercial input that we have not found with anyone else.
Mark Culwick
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Reviewing & benchmarking pension advisers

Are you confident your pension scheme advisers are delivering effective high quality services and good value for money?

Striking the right balance between achieving good pension governance and containing pension scheme costs by ensuring advisers are delivering value for money is just one of the many demands faced by pension trustees.

Our adviser benchmarking and review services are unique, as our ‘day job’ professional pension trustee and scheme secretary expertise means:

  • we know what really makes a difference
  • we know what high quality looks like in practice
  • we know what good value for money really means

Case study

Our client’s pension trustees had lost confidence in their administrator and felt their fees were high and opaque. Using our extensive knowledge of the market, we created a tailored, targeted tender process to find the best-fit replacement.

As a result, the trustees achieved cost savings of over 20% and have a new provider who:

  • will maximise the quality of services over the long-term
  • has the capability to deliver a top-class client/member facing service
  • has a completely transparent fixed fee structure

Read the full case study

PSGS adviser benchmarking service

A quick and cost effective way to compare the service pension trustees are receiving and fees they are paying against market practice, without the need to carry out a full pension adviser review.

Our independent benchmarking reviews provide clear, objective information to enable your pension trustees to decide whether they are receiving a value for money service. The results of this fixed fee benchmarking service will enable you to decide whether to maintain the status quo with your current pension adviser, make improvements to their service or proceed to a full market review.

To maximise the benefit, we share:

  • data from our unique, in-depth database of scheme actuaries, pension administrators, pension lawyers, investment consultants and other pension advisory firms - covering their staff, clients, systems, services and fees
  • practical, 'day job' understanding of how specific pension advisers work with pension trustees and pension scheme sponsors
  • what good likes – developed from our professional insight of working as independent trustees and trustee secretary for similar pension schemes
PSGS pension scheme adviser reviews

Our effective full adviser review service comes without the time-consuming hassle typically associated with tenders. From start to finish, we manage an adviser review which is:

  • designed to match your needs with the right advisers
  • free from conflicts of interest
  • completely flexible
  • performed for a fixed fee

Our streamlined process combines objective data from our unique adviser database, practical knowledge of working with a wide universe of pension scheme advisers and our subjective assessment from extensive experience of all major actuarial and investment consultancies, administration providers, pension lawyers and pension scheme auditors

To find out more about how our adviser benchmarking and review services could benefit you, download our service flyer or get in touch to talk it through.

Need some expert help with adviser benchmarking?

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